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Our story

What if the ocean was full of plastic?…it is! Trillions of pieces of plastic are in the ocean and 8.5 million tons are currently added every year.

Why care?

All plastic ever made is still on the earth. Breaking down into microscopic pieces, it is now found in virtually all the waterways and oceans on the planet. In our drinking water and throughout the marine food chain. And there’s this: all life depends on healthy oceans. As acclaimed ocean scientist-explorer-activist Sylvia Earle succinctly states, “No blue, no green.”

Let’s do better together.

Join Wildbluesea in energizing a blue movement that helps heal the ocean and move past having to protect it. We are bringing people together to live ocean-friendly and plastic free around the North Atlantic as one wild, blue community. We see this ocean as one connected neighborhood. Whales, sea turtles and seabirds do and we should too.  Separated by miles, connected by caring.

Welcome to the home of compassionate conservation.


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