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About us

Wildbluesea is an emerging non-profit organization (501c3) based in Jupiter, Florida with partners in the Mid-Atlantic states, North Carolina, Bahamas and UK.

Founded in 2013, the organization is based on insight from a diversity of sources- scientific research, field studies, collaborative discussion, piloting creative initiatives, the power of the arts to nurture connection to nature and blue mind: the neuroscience behind our physical, mental and emotional well-being when we are close to nature, especially water.

We believe that by linking locations around the North Atlantic Ocean through regular common activities designed to observe, care for and enjoy the coast with others and by engaging an online community and providing a place to interact, collaborate and support each other, we can begin to make a difference in restoring healthy oceans. As research, policy and education address marine plastic pollution, our own perceptions and behavior are also key components to the solution.